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Ani Shlishi (“I am Third”), is a nonprofit organization based in Tel Aviv, providing opportunities for self-advancement and meaningful employment for at-risk youth ages 16–18.

Ani Shlishi collects secondhand clothes for resale at its thrift stores and employs young people at the stores to provide them with marketable retail, customer service, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, preparing them for success in the workplace and in life.

How does it work?

What does Ani Shlishi mean to the youth we employ? Enjoy "In Their Words," a short video in which young alumni of the Ani Shlishi program tell of their challenges, successes, and goals for the future.

Alumni Testimonials

“After Ani Shlishi, I walked into a job interview with confidence. I know that I’m valuable”
Youth participant
“Everyone needs one person to believe in them”
Youth participant
"For the first time, I believe that my future will be better than my past"
Youth participant
What's behind the name?
Ani Shlishi
Our story

Our name "Ani Shlishi" -- Hebrew for "I am third" -- was inspired by Ross Freeland, a former high school teacher and assistant baseball coach at Evanston Township High School. Ross, who lost his life to cancer in 2016, instilled in his students the belief that first comes "the greater good"; second, comes "others"; and then, finally, “I am third."

Since our humble beginnings, Ani Shlishi has grown from sorting clothes in its employees' personal apartments, to pop up shops, to brick and mortar locations. All guided by Ross's example of generosity.

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