Meet the Staff

David Baskin
Gaya Ben Sira
Director of Resource Development
Ran Sayag
Director of Business Operations
Leah Bordo
Director of Youth Development
Oded Lipshitz
Director of Operations and Finance
What's behind the name?
I'm third.
Our story.
Our name "Ani Shlishi" -- Hebrew for "I am third" -- was inspired by Ross Freeland, a former high school teacher and assistant baseball coach at Evanston Township High School.Ross, who lost his life to cancer in 2016, instilled in his students the belief thatfirst comes "the greater good"; second, comes "others"; and then, finally, “I am third." ​​ Since our humble beginnings, Ani Shlishi has grown from sorting clothes in its employees' personal apartments, to pop up shops, to brick and mortar locations. All guided by Ross's example of generosity. ​
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אני שלישי

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