Clothing Donations

What does your clothing donation to Ani Shlishi provide for a young person?
Meaningful Employment | Belonging to a Community | Increased Self Esteem
Problem Solving Skills | Self Discipline | Accountability
Communicative Skills | Leadership Skills | Purpose | A Bright Future

Step One

First things first, thank you for deciding to help us!

Step Two

Please check your donation for defects, stains and holes.

Please wash your clothes before donating.

Step Three

Bring your clothing donation to one of our store locations:
Allenby 84 Tel Aviv
Rothschild 56, Rishon LeZion
Harel Mall Underground Lot, Mevaseret Zion

Step Four

The most important of all: pat yourself on the back!
Your clothing donation has helped youth at risk build employable skills, self-esteem, and a bright future!
אני שלישי

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