"First comes the greater good, the welfare of others is second, I am third"

Ani Shlishi (“I am Third”), is a nonprofit organization based in Israel, providing opportunities for self-advancement and meaningful employment for Israel’s at-risk youth ages 16–18.

Ani Shlishi collects secondhand clothes for resale at its thrift stores and employs young people at the stores to provide them with marketable retail, customer service, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, preparing them for success in the workplace and in life.

We plan to replicate our model in other Israeli communities to accommodate the growing number of program applicants.

Our Vision

Through the power of meaningful employment, Ani Shlishi gives at risk young people the motivation to succeed, and the skills and resources required to do so.

At the beginning of our program, we meet young people who:

Drop out of normative frameworks
Lack a personal support system
Experience social detachment
Have a sense of failure
Unable to function in a structured framework
Have significant difficulty with authority and taking responsibility
Are seeking negative sources of excitement

Ani Shlishi is making an impact!

At risk youth hired and trained
of Ani Shlishi alumni have integrated into normative frameworks
Hours of professional training and development for youth at risk

Building Skills

During our program participants are provided with:
  • Valuable, marketable workplace and leadership skills
  • Mentorship and guidance on handling finances
  • Increased responsibility as our participants take on management duties

Building self-esteem

We facilitate successful integration into the normative frameworks by:
  • Creating an environment of encouragement and accountability
  • Allowing autonomy within established guidelines
  • Developing purpose and practical skills
  • Providing positive role models
  • Creating a strong sense of community
  • Each Ani Shlishi program participant spends six months in the store at full salary, receiving hands-on experience in sales and customer service

Building Futures

Facilitating Successful Workforce Reintegration: Graduates are provided with seminars outlining:
  • Where and how to find jobs
  • Resume writing
  • Interview etiquette
אני שלישי

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